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Turning Fear Into Fuel

History reveals that surviving a recession is possible but the true winners are those that thrive after one. Financial woes don’t have to be your foe Companies had no idea that COVID-19 would impact them the way it did, many were expecting a mild slump even a week before the stay at home orders. Now […]

Marketing on the Cheap: Email Marketing

Due to its popularity, new and small business owners experience a lot of pressure to use email for marketing. While we all use email, not all of us understand how to best use it for promoting our businesses.

Burning off the Fog

Focus not on the fog, but the vision to get through it A Fog of Pandemic There is a similarity between the chaos of Coronavirus and the “fog of war,” paraphrased from the book On War by Carl Von Clausewitz—“war is the realm of uncertainty; three quarters of the factors on which action is based […]