What’s the cure for your summer time blues?

Is your organization experiencing a slump?  This summer, many industries who regularly experience annual seasonal dips are faced with even more factors that can impact their bottom line—labor and supply shortages, employee burnout and exhaustion, and even deeper slumps as their customers take time off to unplug from a year like no other.

In the short term, a campaign that offers a discount or provides an exceptionally timely value to your customers and can increase demand. In the long term, upgrading your brand and investing in sales collateral and website updates will put you in a better position to capture new business when demand starts to pick up again.

Drawing from our experience

Decades of designing marketing for everyone from entrepreneurs to executives has given us the unique ability to creatively look at our customer’s problems and craft unique solutions. To a creative resource studio like ours, creativity is the bedrock we use to help our customers reach their business goals.

Our longevity can be credited not only to our outside-the-box creativity, but also the value we provide for our clients by efficiently managing their creative projects and most importantly, the relationships we develop with our clients that allow us to better understand their brand, their industry, and their customers. 

Creative idea to flip the seasonal dip

Using the same process we deploy to create tailored solutions for our customers, we addressed this slump internally by posing the problem to our team. (Yes, creative agencies need marketing also.) What can we do to stand out, add value, and help our clients focus front and center on growing their businesses?

The creative idea came from an unlikely source—our accounting department. Since we have extra time on our hands, why can’t we offer a limited time BOGO offer? BOGO is typically a promotion reserved for business to consumer (B2C) demand plays, but why not try a B2B discounted sales promotion for our business clients?

B2G1 Ad strip

Called B2G1 (Buy Two Get One free), you can get an hour of free creative services for every two hours of new creative services purchased during the month of August.

This offer puts a new spin on our already time-wise, cost-wise, and creative-wise offering.

Contact us today to get a free estimate on the ideas you have that take your business to the next level.


Terms and Conditions: This LIMITED TIME OFFER is only valid on new projects in the month of August, 2021. This offer is not valid on shipping, promotional products, gift cards, existing projects, or discounted hourly rates. The cumulative discount value cannot exceed $2,000.